Roadhouse Van User Guide


Check-in Instructions

Address: 2009 Cedar Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Instructions: Please call me when you’ve arrived. We’ll do a quick 15-20 minute walkthrough, driving lesson, sign some paperwork, and you’ll be on your way!
Check-in Time: 11am - 3pm // Early Check-in: 8am-11am = $75
Return Time: 11am - 3pm // Late Return: 3pm - 8pm = $100 // After 8pm = $200

**(Please Note: Costs for modified check-in/return times are not intended to nickel and dime our beloved renters. However, these modifications do impact the normal scheduled working hours for cleaning, prepping and sanitizing between each reservation.)**

Pre-Travel Checklist

IMPORTANT: Please take a moment to make yourself aware of a few things before you embark on your journey.

Toll Roads: We recommend temporarily adding the vehicle to your Toll Roads account for the duration of your reservation. If you don't have a Toll Roads account, you can create one here.

Why this is important: While on a road trip it’s easy to find yourself on a toll road you hadn’t planned on taking. The cameras will flag the vehicle and automatically charge the toll to Road House Travel unless you have previously added the vehicle to your own account, temporarily.

Please note: Once you create an account and add the vehicle, you will only be charged if you use the Toll Road.

Fees: If you have failed to add the vehicle to your own account and a fee is charged to Road House Travel, we will charge your card for the toll, along with a $25 process fee.

*For more information on temporarily adding a rental vehicle to your account, please click here.



Gas Type: REGULAR (87) Height Clearance: 9 ft 10inches Tire Size: 225/75-16


Especially with RIGHT turns, you absolutely must take the length of the van into
consideration. The best advice I can give you is that you shouldn’t begin turning right until your front end is as far forward as you can get it and then as you start turning, shift your eyes to the SMALL blind spot mirror so you can watch the tail end of the RV until the completion of your turn. This is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of driving the RV. You can easily hit a light pole, curb or even a PERSON who is standing on the curb waiting to cross. Please use extreme caution. Safety should always be your primary concern.


This is not your sports car at home, it’s literally a house on wheels. While posted speed limits give you an idea of the proper speed, I highly encourage you to go slower than posted limits. This van is HEAVY, which means you MUST use extreme caution when navigating turns, on ramps, off ramps, etc or you run the risk of flipping the vehicle.

Driving in Traffic

Just like how you handle your speed in the above section, you should always take caution while driving in traffic whether that be residential or on the highway. Make sure to give plenty of space between you and the car ahead of you to allow you plenty of time to stop the vehicle in case of unexpected stops. With the van being as heavy as it is, it is absolutely imperative to give yourself a 6-7 car space in order to avoid a potential collision. Additionally, you should always give yourself plenty of time to stop when coming up to a stop sign or red light...again, this thing’s heavy!


Slopes/Steep Hills

Again, the length of the van must be taken into consideration. It is too long to take up a steep slope. The front and/or bottom end can and will bottom out, causing costly, major damage to the van. Navigate with extreme caution and slow speed.

Pro tip: The break is your friend on steep hills. Use it to avoid rolling backwards!


Beware of low hanging branches, both on the road as well as at camp sites. ESPECIALLY when backing up - the rear view camera is located towards the top of the van and may not capture a low hanging branch or sign.

Gas Stations

DO NOT enter any gas station island that does not have an absolute minimum of 10 feet clearance. Also, remember to watch your turns! At gas stations especially easy to hit a low height, gas pump protector poll as you pull in to fill up. Always remember to turn wide, and use those blind spot mirrors.





The inverter power switch can be found in the kitchen above the sink. The inverter is in the “On” position when pointing to the right.

You’ll need to turn on the inverter to use the 110v power outlets, hot water heater, water pump, and when hooking up to shore power.

(**Pro tip: When finished, don’t forget to turn it off. Running the inverter 24/7 will continue to draw power from the batteries even with all lights off. The last thing you want is to run out of power until the system has time to recharge the next day.)


How to use:

To use outlets, simply turn the inverter on. Once on, all outlets will have power.

IMPORTANT: Please refrain from plugging in your own high wattage appliances unless the van is plugged-in to shore power. Running appliances such as hair dryers, blenders, etc, off of the battery system will cause an emergency shutdown. Remember, this is a battery powered electrical system so the maximum wattage output is much lower than your 110v outlets at home.



Water Tank

The fresh water tank is located at the rear driver side of the van. The tank can be accessed by opening the van’s rear doors. You’ll see a white cap which can be opened to fill the tank. To fill, find the hose located in the storage compartment directly behind the shower head. Then, attach one end of the hose to your water source and place the other end of the hose inside the fill hole.

Water Pump

Turn on the water pump by pressing the switch labeled “water pump” located above the kitchen sink.

Hot Water

The switch is located under the sink, to the right of the gray water tank. Press the switch to the on position. Give the hot water tank about 5-10 minutes to heat up and presto, you have hot water!


Outdoor Shower

Shower use:

A bamboo shower matt can be found in the storage compartment located on the left side of the rear storage garage.

To use the shower, first turn on the inverter. Then turn on the waterpump and hot water switch. From there, the hot and cold shower mixer will work the same as a standard at home shower.

Shower Storage:
When storing, please remember to loop the shower head hose around the hook twice to ensure it does not hang into the doorway. If the door is closed on the hose, it will cause damage to the shower head.

Outdoor Shower Pro Tip: Be sure to mount the shower head on the rear door and point away from the inside of the van before running the water.


The gray water tank is located directly below the sink. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the gray water tank levels to avoid overflow.



Window Covers - The living quarters window covers can be found in the storage area located under the bed.

Windshield Cover - The driver cab windshield cover can be found inside the right dining table seat directly behind the driver's seat. To use, unfold the cover and place right side up, against the inside of the windshield. Strap trap the cover to the rearview mirror to secure in place.

Kitchenware - All kitchenware can be found in the lower kitchen cabinets, middle, and upper cabinets. If you think of something you would have liked to have included, please let us know. We’re always looking for ways to improve!

Bedding - Rest assured knowing all reservations come equipped with fresh bedding. Towels - Fresh towels are provided in the overhead cabinet above the bed on the passenger side of the van.




Press the power button to turn on. You can also press the auto setting button to have the fan automatically turn on once the interior temp of the van reaches 78 degrees. The ceiling fan can either suck air in, or blow air out. Easily switch between the two settings using the corresponding button located directly on the fan.


The refrigerator runs 24/7. No setup is necessary.

Induction Stovetop

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use personal cookware on the induction stovetop. You may only use the induction stovetop cookware provided by RHT.

How to use:

  1. Turn on the inverter.

  2. Press the power button on the stovetop.

  3. Choose burner by pressing either the top or bottom burner option.

  4. Place an induction stovetop compatible pan on the corresponding burner.

  5. Adjust the burner to your preferred cooking temperature.

  6. Cook

  7. Turn-off stove top & power inverter

  8. Enjoy :)

(For the factory user manual, please click here.)


Additional Features & Optional Add-ons

Driver Cab

Swivel seat:
The lever to activate the passenger swivel seat is located on the bottom left corner of the seat. Simply pull the lever outwards and twist the seat to the left 180 degrees.

Seat recliner:

Located on the bottom right corner of the seat. Simply pull the lever outwards to unlock the recliner and adjust.

Wifi (Add-on)

Skyroam Mobile Wifi - To turn on, press and hold the power button on the right side of the device. Then, allow the device a moment to connect to the network.

Van RHT 1 - “Sunny”:

●  Wifi Name: #Skyroam_rxm

●  Password: 26251569

Before Your Return

Dump Gray Water Tank

To dump, simply unscrew the cap, remove the tank, and dump at an approved dump station.

Where do I dump?

Click here for a list of common areas to dump gray and black water. Dumping anywhere but in designated areas can have a detrimental impact on the environment and wildlife. Let’s all do our part to protect it!


Refill Fresh Water Tank

We kindly ask that you refill the fresh water tank to the level it was at when you picked up the van. If returned at a lower level, there will be a $40 refilling fee charged upon your return.


●  Fuel refilling fee: $25 + the cost of fuel

●  Cleaning: Normal cleaning is included with each rental. However, if it is determined that

a deep cleaning is required to get the van back to “rent ready” shape, there will be an additional $100 deep cleaning fee.

○  Example 1: If you smoke in the vehicle and it requires additional cleaning, the cost will be taken out of your security deposit.
○  Example 2: If it’s determined that you brought a pet with you on your trip and did not pay the pet fee at the time of booking, a $50 fee will be charged upon your return.
●  Early check-in: 8am -11am - $75

●  Late return: (3pm - 5pm) - $100, $50/hr from 5pm-8pm, ($250 full day charge after


**As per terms of rental contract, any fees outside of those stated above, to include cleaning fees and/or damages sustained to the interior or exterior of RV while in your possession will be determined within 72 hours of the return of RV. Please refer back to the full rental agreement for further clarifications.**