A trait we all share is that if we stay in one place for too long, we try to make a home of it.

No matter where we are or where we wish to be, we endeavor to find comfort and stability in our surroundings. This natural inclination towards routine anchors us to something solid and gives us structure but also fosters complacency.

What room does that leave to grow?

The open road has never been considered a place to build a home. Its unpredictability left it to the aberrant; the vagabond's, the wanders, the outlaws who used the sky as their roof and the Earth for their bed. What they lacked in material comfort was regained in the knowledge that they were always at home. To them, the journey is the destination, and should they find themselves in a place of content along the way, they would still choose the freedom of the open road over the anchor complacency may bring.

Our Mission:

To give you that journey, that freedom, that choice.

To push yourself outside the boundaries of comfort, immerse yourself in natures beauty, and find yourself in the middle of nowhere, because nowhere is where you find yourself. This is your time, your adventure, and we can’t wait to experience it with you.

Let's get out there.